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Creating a Social Media calendar leading up to your event takes planning and preparation. We like to use a mixture of branded and organic social media posts formatted for multiple social channels that make announcements, remind followers to put your event on their calendar, get excited for your event, offer merchandise, partner business promotions, create brand awareness, encourage people to share your event and give them a way to share their own images and videos tagged with your event. Although it takes times to acquire followers, steady effort over time, along with interactive posts such as contests and give-aways encourage people to like and share your event. We work with you to create shared calendar and plan and create posts ahead of time using popular sharing services so that when it’s crunch time or when we’re away your posts will be shared on your social media channels right on time.

When seeking Sponsors, potential partner businesses will look at your social media presence to determine if their investment in your event will give them worthwhile exposure and is in alignment with their company. Having followers and consistent posts can make all the difference for having a great sponsor at your event giving away samples, providing products at a discount or offering in-kind help.

Paid social media traffic may be a great option for your event depending on the demographics of your tribe. We will help you craft a campaign for the right social channels, create video campaigns that followers enjoy, and help you create offers for your tickets and merchandise.

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